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In most circumstance, the preferred way of towing a vehicle is to use a flatbed tow truck. Since the vehicle is riding on a flatbed while it is being towed, it saves a lot of wear and tear on its tires, as well as other parts that tend to be affected by spinning wheels. For any damaged large vehicles or four wheel drives, using a flatbed tow truck is a real life-saver and is the most efficient way to tow these kinds of vehicles. The way the process works is the back of the flatbed is lowered to the road surface by the tow truck operator, and then two end-hooks are attached to the two slots on the bottom front part of the vehicle. That makes it easier for your vehicle to be pulled into place through the use of a powerful automated winch. These days a majority of vehicle owners prefer flatbed towing since a truck that has a flatbed on its back is used for transporting their vehicle from one place to the next. There are several important benefits to using a flatbed tow truck.

Further damage of the vehicle is prevented

Compared with other towing methods, flatbed towing ensures that all of a towed vehicle’s wheels are placed onto the tow truck’s flat platform to prevent wear and tear. Therefore, when a flatbed tow truck is used, it guarantees that no wear and wear will occur to the towed vehicle’s tires or any damage is incurred to the engine parts, transmission or other systems.

Safety on the road is guaranteed

Flatbed tow trucks tend to be the safest option that is available for towing vehicles since it ensures the safety of not only the vehicle that is being transported but other road users as well. Whenever a towed vehicle is attached firmly to a two truck’s flatbed instead of swaying behind a truck, the risk to passing cars and pedestrians is significantly reduced.

At times it is your only option

There are some unique situations where towing with a flatbed tow truck is the only option. For example, if there is a broken axle on the vehicle.

Save time with a flatbed tow truck

With flatbed towing, it is comparatively easy to load a vehicle onto a flatbed tow truck. If the vehicle happens to be in good condition, then it just needs to be driven up the flatbed and strapped on for transportation. For a badly damaged vehicle that cannot be driven up onto the flatbed, a winch is used. This saves time and is easy to do

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